Welcome to Love My Ecig! We pride ourselves in our extensive expertise and knowledge in providing you, our customers with the best E cigarettes, E Liquids and E accessories currently available to buy in the UK market.

The take-up of E cigarettes by smokers globally has been nothing short of a pandemic. We all understand the health hazards associated with nicotine and its addictive qualities. Although the experience of vaping and switching to E cigarettes is still relatively new – the overwhelming evidence suggests that it has helped smokers give up tobacco for good.

At Love My Ecig we are dedicated to providing you with industry standard quality products and stock the best range of E cigarettes, e liquids e juice and shisha flavours at affordable prices. Catering for every type of discerning smoker, we are the one-stop- shop to buy all your vaping products and stock a full range of nicotine products available at various strengths.

We also stock shisha flavour products from speciality fruits to beers and cocktails. Our mission at Love My Ecig is to help society at large reach their goals in leading a healthier lifestyle and achieving a lifelong ambition to stop smoking traditional cigarettes, switch to electronic cigarettes and save £1000’s of pounds a year in the process.

Recognised as one of the largest distributors of electronic cigarettes, e liquids and accessories in the UK, we have formed close relationships with the top leading brands in the industry and work hand in hand to ensure the quality and integrity of our products is at the forefront of everything we do. This allows us to offer you only the best safest e-liquids and e cigs on the market. 

As one of the most popular E cigarette stores in the UK, our primary goal is to provide all our customers with excellent products, great prices, great customer service and fast delivery. We keep looking for new brand lines to expand our stock, we regularly monitor industry standards and look for breaking news on regulatory procedures in order to bring you the latest and greatest from the electronic cigarette industry.

We are proud of the fact that we adhere to current industry standards, all our products contain natural ingredients and are environmentally free of contaminates. With a firm understanding of what vapers are looking for, we have a long history in the e-liquid & e-cigs industry. We would like to thank our loyal customers who regularly shop with us and we would like to thank you for browsing and your custom.

We look forward to you joining our smoke free community and encourage you to take a closer look at our extensive range of products and exceptional deals. Your feedback is always welcomed and allows us to provide you with the best customer service.

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Love My Ecig journey began with its Founder Sol Hussain who was an avid smoker. It all started early on for Sol with a new arrival – the sound of a new born baby! And Voilà! The arrival of his beautiful daughter. Sol knew, from that moment, on that very day when he saw his daughter, that a lifestyle change was inevitable and hence decided to quit smoking altogether. Sol, switched allegiance from smoking tobacco to vaping e cigarettes, it was a natural transition, it replicated the smoking action that was so hard to give up and deeply entrenched in his psyche. It was a nicotine fix without the deadly chemicals, tar and carbon monoxide. Since Sol stopped smoking all those years ago he has never looked back.

Sol wanted to share his amazing story with so many other smokers out there who are finding it very difficult to quit the habit. Sol knew if he could do it for his family, and live a healthier lifestyle full of added vitality, then so could anyone who put their mind to it. He set out on a quest to persuade others to follow his suit in becoming the next generation e-heads.

Today over 1.3 Million Britons are vaping – having stopped smoking for good! We say well done!

At Love My Ecig we are very contentious about sourcing the right products, with exacting standards when working with quality brand manufacturers. When E-cigarettes first hit the market, where to buy good quality e cigs, liquids and accessories was a bit of a mystery, people were unsure of the product and what it actually contained. As most of the e-liquid is produced in China, many people were concerned with the quality of both electric cigarette and the liquid. The accuracy of the nicotine wasn't 100% and the packaging confusing.

Love My Ecig looks to responsibly source and provide you with the finest quality e-liquid and E- cigarettes. We carried out tests on various products, contacted multiple suppliers, until we were satisfied that we had found the level of service and quality that could match our customers’ requirements. We only stock premium quality e-liquids and e-cigarettes, there is absolutely no compromise on service or quality.

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