E-Cigarette - Lithium Battery

Q. How long do I need to charge my e cigarette for before using it for the 1st time?

A. Charging your e cigarette for 1st time it will require a minimum charge of 7 hours, ignore all indicator lights on the first charge, failure to do this will result to an ineffective battery and will only last a couple of hours and will also reduce its life span of 6-12 months.

Q. When will i know my battery is fully charged?

A. After the 1st charge the battery will require 2-3 hours of charging, when attached to the charger you will see a green light change to red, this indicates the battery is charging, once fully charged the red light will change to green which indicates the battery is fully charged.

Q. My battery is fully charged and has liquid in the cartomiser but is not working

A. Press the power button 5 times in quick succession, repeat process to power off.

Q. How do I know if my battery is faulty?

A. When the battery is attached to charger the green light on the USB changes to red, and the power button flashes to indicate charging, if the green light on the charger remains green then you may have a fault with the battery or charger. Please contact customer service and we will help resolve your issue.

Q. How long should my battery last once its fully charged?

A. Once fully charged the battery should last you approx 2 days if you’re a 10-15 per day smoker, this does vary on usage, and minimum would be 1 day.

Q. Does my battery require maintenance?

A. The battery requires minimum maintenance, when detaching from the tank always wipes the connector point of any excess liquid, do not wet or wash the battery.

This is all that is required.

Q. Can the battery be over charged, will it explode if battery is over charged

A. Love my Ecig supplies high quality units, our batteries are fitted with a auto cut off switch to prevent overcharge and any explosions, however if the battery has been damaged, dropped or abused then you will always run the risk of damaging your battery.  Explosion can only be caused by the connectors inside the battery making contact (or by purchasing a cheap quality product) once again this would only be possible if the battery has been dropped, damaged or misused. (Care for your Ecig as you would do with your Iphone)


DO NOT over tighten when attaching cartomiser to battery, stop when the thread stops.

Do not overlook the 1st 7 hour charge

Do not attempt to fix a broken battery, fault or non fault, leave to the experts.

Do not expose to water or liquids as with any electronic product

Keep away from children (it’s not a toy)

Lithium Iron products require special care – avoid contact with mobile phones, keys, metal objects, loose change etc, this will help prolong your lithium battery.

Always wipe any excess e liquid from contact points when removed from cartomiser.


Cartomisers & Atomisers

Q. What is a Cartomiser /Clearomiser?

A. A Cartomiser/Clearomiser is a chamber which holds the e liquid, available in various shapes, colours and sizes to match your battery.

Q. How long does a cartomiser last for?

A. Cartomisers these days should not require replacing unless damaged, or manufactured with imperfection. Cartomisers only require refilling; you only need to change the atomiser/core inside the cartomiser.

Q. What is an Atomiser/Core?

A. An Atomiser/Core is a small part either at the top or bottom of your cartomiser, this is the part responsible for heating your e liquid when in the cartomiser, available in different ohms commonly ranging from 1.5-2.5ohms, the most common and standard power supplied in most cartomisers is 1.8ohm. Atomisers can be replaced when expired/burned out

Q. How long should my atomiser/cartomiser last for?

A. Manufacturers specify the atomiser/core requires changing every 2 to 4 weeks depending on how much you vape, as a 20 per day smoker your atomiser/core last a minimum of 2 weeks, maximum 4 weeks, if you’re a light smoker it may last you longer.

Q. What are the signs to replace my atomiser/core?

A. It may stop working altogether (with a charged battery powered on, no sound or vapour coming through), or when your battery has charge and you feel there isn’t enough vapour coming through, are usually the signs, however on some bottom loading atomisers/cores you may get liquid seeping through on your battery, even though you can get slight vapour and a heating sound is present from the cartomiser.


DO NOT over tight your cartomiser as it will be difficult to open for refilling, this can also cause damage to the cartomiser or battery if excessive force is required to open.

Do not place in your pocket where it may be prone to any force or pressure to bend

Do not over fill as this will only cause leakage

Do not pour e liquid directly into the atomiser/core

Do not open the cartomiser holding the plastic/glass parts, always hold by the silver rings either side of cartomiser opening point

Do not pour liquid down the air tube on a bottom loading cartomiser (this is the tube in the centre of your cartomiser) always pour liquid down the side of the container.

Always clean and wipe the cartomiser with a cotton bud or clean tissue every few days at least, including down the air tube from the mouthpiece side, to remove any excess e liquid.


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