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Drip Tips

Our Collection of Drip Tips includes the Aluminium Drip Tip (CE6), Aluminium Pawn Drip Tip (CE6) and the Clear Drip Tip (CE6). If you are looking to change the look of your e cigarette then, get started with one of these Drip Tips. Drip Tips are built to enhance your vaping experience and help to add a more personal touch to your e cigarette. That’s why they come in several amazing colours to choose from. Most vapers might argue that Drip Tips were just made to improve the look of your e cig, OK fair point! But, what they won’t tell you is that a narrow Drip Tip provides a more concentrated flavour while wider Drip Tips produce large amounts of vapour.

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    Aluminium Drip Tip for (CE6)

    Special Price: £ 2.00

    The Aluminum coated Drip Tip is carefully crafted with an great aesthetic design. At Love My Ecig, we are proud of the Aluminium Drip Tip (CE6) and that’s why we are introducing it to you as a must have for the ultimate vaping experience. What do you think? Write a review below and tell us about it. Compatible with CE6 Cartomisers Learn More

  2. Simple Product

    Aluminium Pawn Tip for (CE6)

    Special Price: £ 1.95

    The Aluminium Pawn Drip Tips (CE6) are crafted into a great aesthetic design shaped like pawns in a dazzling assortment of colours. At Love My Ecig, we pack an assortment of Drip Tips that makes it very convenient for you to transfer your best fruit flavoured e liquids into your e cig. It is the perfect e cig accessory for your e cig. Do you want to get... Learn More

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