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FAR E-Liquids

FAR is yet another great brand proudly run by Element liquids. If you’re a lover of sweet e cig flavours, this brand was meant just for you. Mixed and packaged in the USA, the e liquids come in what seems to be a rather unconventional packaging style. Their e liquids are delivered in frosted glass bottles and spray cans. The Element e Liquid, is a brand that is proudly American. Its signature vape series are brewed to be vaped on high performing sub ohm mods and drippers. They are based in sunny south Florida and are known for their high-quality e liquids. FAR e liquids are for the elite vapers who enjoy vaping high VG (75%) e liquids. The best part of the FAR brand is that Elements liquids spared no expense when creating and crafting these e liquids with great ingredients. Their FAR e liquid line-up includes Candy Punch, Neon Green Slushie, Pineapple Bliss, Grape Vape and Strawberry Cupcake.

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    Neon Green Slushie

    Special Price: £ 10.50

    The Neon Green Slushie by FAR e liquid has a fresh taste with a mild tarty throat hit. A cool blend of lime and menthol, a winning recipe for an extraordinary vaping experience. We know that the taste of the Neon Green Slushie is very satisfying. How would you rate this flavour? Write a review below. Learn More

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    Candy Punch

    Special Price: £ 5.95

    Have you ever wanted to revisit your fun childhood memories? The Candy Punch by FAR E-Liquids will take you back to those good old days! The Candy Punch by FAR E-Liquids is a delicious vape liquid bursting with sweet rainbow candy. Have you tasted it? What do you think? Tell us in a review. Learn More

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    Pineapple Bliss

    Special Price: £ 5.95

    The Pineapple Bliss by FAR e liquid is a true tropical delight made just for you. This flavour bursts with flavour and is an irresistible mix of mango, berry and pineapple. Learn More

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    Grape Vape

    Special Price: £ 5.95

    As far as enjoyment goes, there is no better vapaing experience than the Grape Vape by FAR e cig. This flavour is a rich unique mix of Red, Ruby, and Concord grapes. This delectable blend offers a fruit rush like no other! Tell us about your experience with the Grape Vape by FAR in a review below. Learn More

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    Strawberry Cupcake

    Special Price: £ 5.95

    Brace yourself for an unforgettable experience. The Strawberry Cupcake by Far e Liquid is the ultimate taste of rich satisfaction in a strawberry cupcake. The flavour is a blend of tasty vanilla with a brush of strawberry. How would you describe the taste of the Strawberry Cupcake by FAR e juice? Sweet? Yummy? Tell us more in a review below. Learn More

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