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Tobacco flavours

As a conscientious vaper, we know that taste is everything. For this reason, Love My Ecig has spared no expense in stocking only the best tobacco flavours. Here you’ll find all the unique twists, blends and strengths of tobacco. Unsurprisingly, tobacco flavour is very popular, loved and yearned for by thousands of vapers across the UK. Love My E Cig stocks the best variants of the tobacco flavour. Some of our e juices stocked by popular demand include Virginia, Golden Tree, Cigar and USA Red amongst others. We also have the multi-packs for when and if you decide to indulge in a mixture of different tobacco flavours. Our range of multi-packs includes E Liquid Multi-Pack – 10, E Liquid Multi-Pack – 5 and E Liquid Multi-Pack – 3. Ever since its discovery, tobacco has continued to thrill vapers with its delicate taste.

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    E Liquid Multi Pack - 10

    Special Price: £ 27.50

    Introducing our brand new e liquid pack of ten that gives you the freedom to choose 10 unique flavours from our unlimited stock of delicious e cig flavours. Your favourite e cig liquids are just a click away. Savour from 10 delicious and smooth e cig flavours. What flavours did you choose on your first order? Tell us about your experience. Write a review... Learn More

  2. Simple Product

    E Liquid Multi Pack - 5

    Special Price: £ 15.75

    Your search for the ultimate collection of specially blended e cig flavours is over. We offer the cheapest e liquid range with our great value E Liquid Multi Pack containing 5 premium flavours. With so many options to choose from, you’ll enjoy the variety of vaping 5 of your favorite e cig flavours. Please state flavours & strengths in message box at... Learn More

  3. Simple Product

    E Liquid Multi Pack - 3

    Special Price: £ 9.75

    At Love My Ecig, we pride ourselves in providing our customers with a diverse range of e cig flavours to satisfy their needs. Our E Liquid Multi Pack – 3 gives you the chance to choose three of your best flavours from our wide range of assorted e cig flavours. Whether you are a lover of fruit, or cool mint & menthol flavours, we provide it all.The E... Learn More

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    555 Tobacco

    Special Price: £ 5.95

    A masterful tapestry of tobacco - Relax and enjoy 555’s nutty flavours weave over your tastebuds to create a masterclass tobacco flavour e liquid. A rich base blend of 555’s tobacco, promoting warmer notes of hazelnuts, almonds and walnuts, lightly bathed in caramel and vanilla.  Element traditional Series e liquids are formulated with a slightly higher... Learn More

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    Special Price: £ 3.75

    The sweet taste of the Virginia flavoured e cig liquid is one to be savoured. One of the best e liquid used in the UK, it packs the fresh sweetness of Burley tobacco and is sure to leave hardcore tobacco loving e liquid vapers more than satisfied. When vaped, the Virginia flavour produces an authentic and deeply satisfying aroma which makes it unique... Learn More

  6. Simple Product

    Golden Tree

    Special Price: £ 3.75

    The tastes of the Golden Tree e Cig flavour is identical to real tobacco and indistinguishable when you compare the two. If you are in the market for a flavor that tastes like tobacco, this cheap e liquid is the “one”. It has a smooth taste and provides a pleasant aroma. This tasty flavour of the Golden Tree resonates with both old and new vapers alike.... Learn More

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    Special Price: £ 3.75

    Our e cig store is packed with the finest in premium e liquids and tobacco is certainly one of them. The captivating flavour and taste of purified smooth tobacco is something you definitely don’t want to miss out on. Write us a review below showing how much you love our tobacco e liquid. Learn More

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    Special Price: £ 3.75

    A real cigar is the gold standard for smokers, but once you’ve made that transition to an e cigarette, the e cig flavour Cigar is an excellent taste that matches that superior taste of the real thing. Deeply satisfying, a real flavor enjoyed by vapers and e liquid lovers in the UK and around the world. Enjoy the real taste of class and smoothness with the... Learn More

  9. Simple Product

    USA Red

    Special Price: £ 3.75

    Feels like the real tobacco taste, not too strong but just right, a very nice tasting American tobacco flavour Learn More

  10. Simple Product

    USA Light

    Special Price: £ 3.75

    Mildly sweet, smooth on inhaling with plenty of vapour when exhaling. A taste from the USA Learn More

  11. Simple Product

    Gold & Silver

    Special Price: £ 3.75

    Smooth, sweet, strong and packed with the typical hit of tobacco, is the best way to describe the Gold & Silver e cig flavour. We’re sure you’ll love Gold & Silver and come back for more. Does the Gold & Silver taste like the real thing? Let us know, write a review below. Learn More

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    Cigar (Cuban)

    Special Price: £ 3.75

    The Cuban Cigar is truly a classic that never gets old. Savour and indulge in the pleasure of its wood, spicy leather and herbal taste that the Cuban Cigar e-liquid provides. Together with our collection of premium e liquids we bring you the best and most affordable Cuban Cigar in the UK. What will you do to get your hands on this classic masterpiece?... Learn More

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