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Vision (Vapros)

Vision believes in the development of innovative methods that drive excellent product design and manufacturing. With offices in several continents, they intend to reimagine the way e cig is designed and used. They are one of the few elite companies that put their products through rigorous quality control checks. They manufacture e cigarettes and variable voltage batteries. Their latest product is the SPINNER –A high-end VV battery. Our line-up of Vision products includes Vapros Vision Mini Spinner 2 Kit, Vapros Vision Coils 1.8ohm 5Pk, Vision Spinner 2 Battery and Vision Stylish VV 1300mah.

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    Mini spinner 2 by Vision

    Special Price: £ 35.00

    The next generation of the spinner series, the Vapros Vision Mini Spinner 2 Kit is for vapers who want more from their e cig. The Vapros Vision Mini Spinner 2 Kit carts a 2.0ml dual core glass tank, an 850mah battery and a 1.5ohm Vapros BDC Cartomiser Coil all fitted into one single kit. Free 10ml E-Liquid with this purchase What do you think about the... Learn More

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    Vision Spinner 2 Battery

    Special Price: £ 15.00

    This brand new product from Visiontech comes with a battery cell capacity of 2850mah. With so much battery time to spare than previous versions. Fitted with the latest in battery technology, this device features a voltage adjustment unit –3.3 volts to 4.8 volts. This makes the Vision Spinner 2 Battery suitable for Clearomiser tanks with high capacity. The... Learn More

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    Vision Stylish VV 1300mah

    Special Price: £ 12.95

    New! Variable voltage Vision Stylish VV 1300mah. Latest Vision battery with voltage adjustment, 3.3v - 4.8v, ideal for high capacity coils and clearomiser tanks. Comes with 'Stylish' branded design finish.  Learn More

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